domingo, 14 de junio de 2015


It's the same, It's the same I toldy you a lot of times,
One more time and again, why? Because I love you, baby.
Don't speak loud, speak slowly and slight, be polite.
My mother is coming back, you know?

Your mother can cry at you some times in home, and so what?

She doesn't know that you are  like my analyst and guru now,
Please be polite, my uncle told me years ago, about one day -I think is today.
Something like that: 'One day you'll have more cofidence
Ia a certain partner -that 'wake up' you- more than in your mother.
Is perfectly normal.' -he smiled that day.
My mother is coming back, you know?

Yes, I know I promisse I'll speak loud, sorry... I mean low, relax
Promisse I shall be polite, and reserve all species of sharpness, all right?

Half hour later, I think your mother loves you because their sentences
Are carefully organized to sounds like I'm really lucky, for you love me,